• In my production process, which has been going on for nearly 10 years, I believed that knowledge is the most valuable unit. In this direction, we have created a culture that opens its door to anyone who wants to learn and satisfy their curiosity. Almost all of our team consists of individuals who develop themselves within the team. That's why our belief in cynical education is as high as our belief in the human structure that grows by exposure and giving up comfort. By adopting this culture, we have had many members and friends starting from 0 over time.
  • Today, we are a large community that inspires each other with their perspectives, common production foundations, ethical values and working disciplines.
  • We created our Padawan system to bring this culture to a self-functioning structure. As GDDART, we give a Padawan to the responsibility of every Sensei in our team.
  • Our Padawans, who learn the business at work, gains Software and technical information in a short time, they reinforce their experience.
  • Our padawans, whose justice we protect economically, have the chance to improve themselves and gain a place in our team.
  • To the world of Digital Art, which we think we have represented with our stance and culture since the day it was founded, We believe in the sanctity of knowledge as #GDDART and #teamqode to bring in new minds and artists.

See you!

Gökhan Doğan /badqode

Founder @GDDART & #teamqode