At the 7 of September , openning of @ommxart exhibited my latest Interactive Floor Mapping Installation was a maginificent experience. The people who are attend & experienced it , who ever able to be part of it , for your feedbacks, people who are helped us & support us, @ommxart and Dear Tabanca Family ; With their huge efforts of software , hardware solutions @goktugvatandas & @m.taskale95 . And during our process who helped us with his support @jamesorlandooo and @umutxzcan With photoshots & video recordings @batuhansaracoglu @idil_yilmz and dear all my crew members and the people who enjoyed this wonderful evening thank you very much all of you. I really appreciate it. Being there with you is such an amazing moment for me. With same exciting and with much more better project , I would like to be with you all again.