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open call for meeting : new media & digital arts

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The Journey of Being

"The Journey Of Being" was screened as part of "Immersive Art Festival", at "Atelier des Lumieres" in Paris, France. Using 140 video projectors and a spatialised sound system, Atelier des Lumieres covers a total surface area of 3,300 m2.

“The yearning tormented my mind, I searched the heavens and the ground. I looked and looked, but failed to find, I found Him inside man at last.”

Yunus Emre

We, as human beings, as a dusty molecule of this universe, all mysteries of ‘Being’ lies within ourselves. In this project, we aim to reveal the journey of an individual hoping to reach this mystery.

To visualize this, we designed a seven-stage journey from human creation to the Big Bang. Stages are held from an universal perspective as a process even though the roots of the concept are based on Mysticism.

September 9, 20192 Comments

OMM x Gökhan Doğan – Cometa

OMM x Gökhan Doğan - Cometa
// Machine Learning Reinforced Interactive Floor Mapping

Gökhan Doğan / @badqode /, a digital artist who proceeds his artwork in İstanbul, has been making tremendous impressions with Installation, Digital Artwork and Sculpture works for both domestic and international festivals for 5 years. His last published artwork Cometa, took place within Eskişehir's first and only Modern Art Museum @ommxart and presented a surrealistic experience to the visitors by Digital Art and Machine Learning system developed from @google Tensor Flow technology.

Cometa re-defined the perseption of space with the 252 square meter canvas for over 1200 visitors on the night of September 7th.

Starting out from the concept of comets, Cometa presented visitors the chance to create their individual artwork by leaving star dust on path they walk within their time and space journey, while leading them to the museum building.

August 25, 20191 Comment

PlayAlchemist 2019, Burning Man

Our digital representaions of different scientific & philosophic mediums will be enlightening a giant pyramid structure at Black Rock City PlayAlchemist Camp. The work will be a Void showcase, consisting of a harmonic composition from our best visuals so far. The pyramid will be video mapped using 3 x 32,000 lumen projectors to paint a 25 meters tall giant canvas. Thanks to the curators Playalchemist & Thelightharvest , we‘ll be presenting multimedia experiences for the citizens of Black Rock City again. Hope to see u there!

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Lines A/V Architectural Mapping Performance

Watch our latest architectural projection show ‘Lines’ which turns the second largest administrative building in the world into an immersive architectural experience in imapp ! 23.000 square meters of projection surface has mapped using more than 104 projectors over 2.000.000 ANSI lumens. It has been billed as  the biggest projection mapping show in history.


The largest 3D video projection mapping contest in the world – iMapp Bucharest, organized by the Municipality of Bucharest, through creart – the Center for Creation, Art and Tradition, brought together more than 40.000 people on the 24th of September, in Constituției Square, for the third edition of the event.

iMapp Bucharest 2016, one of the biggest 3D multimedia shows in the world, organized by The Municipality of Bucharest thru creart – The Center for Creation, Art and Tradition of the Municipality of Bucharest, has announced its shortlist for the third edition of the imapp festival!

iMapp Bucharest stands for video projections on the second largest administrative building in the world, more than 104 projectors used, 23.000 square meters of projection surface, over 2.000.000 ANSI lumens and one huge stage. Each year, in September, the best video artists in the world showcase their work on the façade of the Palace of Parliament, in front of a large audience.

Video mapping uses a complex 3D image, that brings to life the surface of the building by forms and colours, using each architectonic element in order to personalize and reshape the gigantic area of the construction. Thus, the “outline” of the building becomes the main protagonist of a dynamic show of sound, colour, light, a true optical illusion.

2016 | iMapp Bucharest
Lines : IMAPP - A/V Projection Mapping
Lines : IMAPP - A/V Projection Mapping

Lines A/V Architectural Mapping Performance

the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, Romania, 2016, imapp


is an abstract architectural projection mapping show which took place on the facade of the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, imapp which is the second largest administrative building in the world, with usage of more than 104 projectors over 2.000.000 ANSI lumens, on 23.000 square meters of projection surface. It has been billed as the biggest projection mapping show in history.

Watch Full Performance of Lines : IMAPP - A/V Projection Mapping

imapp : ‘Dialogue’

is a significant concept in the contemporary world.
A dialogue consists of the lines that are intended to be spoken. It is a form of active communicative interaction, which is the result of emergence of a specific discourse can also be described as "to engage in an exchange of views". The lines in a dialogue are actually the tangible forms of our perception.

Our world is getting increasingly interdependent and interconnected. Genuine understanding seems to be the exception rather than the norm in everyday communication. We speak different conceptual languages, hold different values, embody different ways of seeing the world.

Getting the inspiration from this strong theme of our present reality, our aim was to transform our perception into light and sound, using one of the biggest buildings in the world as our dynamic display. In this way, we had the chance to share a moment with the audience in order to create an abstract way of dialogue.

Lines : IMAPP - A/V Projection Mapping
Lines : IMAPP - A/V Projection Mapping

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