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Badqode Solo Exhibition – Very First Digital Art Exhibiton at Grand Pera

A Digital Art Exhibition at the Historical Emek Stage

Badqode Solo Exhibition experience, which we started with the concept of Alternative Reality Experience in a Solo Digital Art Exhibition, gave its audience a surreal experience with its second exhibition at the Historical Emek Stage, one of the first cinema and cultural centers of the History of the Republic.

Watch the moments from that amaizing night ! Badqode Solo Exhibition, very first digital art exhibition, Gökhan Doğan

Badqode, As a word root,

it means a code group that is incompatible or disrupts or disrupts the code block it is in. Starting from the relationship between Chaos & Aesthetics, Entropy laws and the Mirror Phase of the Person as the concept of exhibition, Badqode Solo Exhibition is an experience of a selection of works that are aware of the fact that human beings are mistaken by their existence, and that examines the layers and deformations that they weave in their social structuring with this awareness.

Badqode, As a word root,it means a code group that is incompatible or disrupts or disrupts the code block it is in. - Badqode Solo Exhibition, very first digital art exhibition, Gökhan Doğan
Badqode, As a word root,it means a code group that is incompatible or disrupts or disrupts the code block it is in. - Badqode Solo Exhibition, very first digital art exhibition, Gökhan Doğan

In the Badqode Solo Exhibition experience, we support over 100 unique works and texts with interactive experiences, and invite those who experience the space, time and work to our own layer of reality.

Badqode Solo Exhibition welcomed its audience at the Historical Emek Stage under the sponsorship of NFTPrime @nftprimecom at the event Timeless Memories @overdaze_ with its second stop after its first screening, Klein Phönix @phonix.klein.

In addition to the experience selection, the Ebru work exhibited with Ahu Polat's magnificent fashion show hosted Turkey's first Interactive Digital Art Fashion Fashion Show. Memories visualizing the interaction with sound of the Hangdrum Performance of Sahar Kazemi @sahar_kazemii_ , presented a sound-interactive stage performance to the audience.

Badqode, As a word root,it means a code group that is incompatible or disrupts or disrupts the code block it is in. - Badqode Solo Exhibition, very first digital art exhibition, Gökhan Doğan
Memories visualizing the interaction with sound of the Hangdrum Performance of Sahar Kazemi - Badqode Solo Exhibition, very first digital art exhibition, Gökhan Doğan

You can follow past exhibitions, Works and new Badqode Solo Exhibition experiences on BADQODE SOLO EXHIBITION : GRAND PERA - BADQODE

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25 Haziran gecesi 💫 Tarihi Emek Sahnesinin ev sahipliği yaptığı Badqode Solo Exhibition’da eser deneyimlerimizin izleyiciler ile bugüne dek benim için en büyük etkileşimlerini ve en masumane ifadelerini gözlemledim sanırım.

İzleyicilerin Ebru tuvali üzerinde çocukça hissiyatlarla ve büyük bir heyecanla bıraktığı izler Moments eserinin kendisini oluşturan yegane hissiyat oldu.

Hepimizin varolduğunu hissedebilmesi için kendi renklerini, izlerini ve fikirlerini ifade edebileceği birer fırçaya ihtiyacı var

Renkler ve kimliklerimiz farketmeksizin çocukça ve özgürce yaşadığımız, kendimizi ifade ettiğimiz ve dans edip eğlenebildiğimiz günlerimize 🥂

@ahupolat @overdaze_ @nftprimecom @canerertem @archsaint @okancoskun @banliyo

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Türkiye’nin ilk Hareket Etkileşimli Dijital Sanat Moda Defilesi Deneyimi

Cumhuriyet döneminin ilk sinema salonu Tarihi Emek Sineması, 25 Haziran’da Timeless Memories etkinliği kapsamında Badqode Solo Exhibition’a ev sahipliği yaptı. Ahu Polat @ahupolat ‘ın muhteşem koleksiyonuna Türkiye’nin ilk Hareket Etkileşimli Dijital Sanat Moda Defilesi Deneyimi ile eşlik etmek bizler içinde unutulmaz bir andı !

Bu muhteşem anı sizlerle buluşturmamızı mümkün kılan tüm dostlarımıza ve bu deneyimin parçası olan bütün seyircilerimize teşekkür ederiz.

Tekrardan başka sahnelerde görüşmek üzere ✌🏿

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Badqode Solo Exhibition – Grand Pera

25 Haziran Cumartesi günü Cumhuriyet döneminin en eski sinema salonu Tarihi Emek sahnesi Badqode Solo Exhibition serisine ev sahipliği yapıyor.

Timeless Memories etkinliği kapsamında NFT Prime sponsorluğunda gerçekleşecek solo sergide

🔸 Cassini’s Diares : Sound of Saturn NFT Serisinin ilk gösterimi
🔸 Generative Etkileşimli Dijital Sanat Eser Deneyimleri
🔸 Audio Reactive Sahne performansları

Ve Badqode Solo Exhibition kapsamında daha bir çok eseri Banliyo ve Li’o ‘nun @okancoskun muhteşem müzikleri ile deneyimleyebilirsiniz !
25 Haziran’da görüşmek üzere !
@nftprimecom @overdaze_ @banliyo @okancoskun @grandpera

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Yuva Film – Houdini Sığırcık 3D Animation Flocking System

Houdini Sığırcık 3D Animation Flocking System

VEX based Houdini Flocking System for Yuva Movie which World Premiered in Venice. Jury's Special Award, Best Actor Award and Best Cinematography Director Award Winner from Istanbul Film Festival also Best Unique Music Award Winner from Ankara Film Festival.


Veysel's wild solitary life in the woods is disrupted when the land he inhabits is sold to investors. One day, his younger brother Hasan comes from the city to convince him to leave. As the imminent threat of the eviction rapidly grows, the belated confrontation of the two brothers leads to the discovery of a magical home: A hidden universe in the heart of the forest.

The world premiere of Emre Yeksan's new film, YUVA, for which he is directing for the second time, was held as part of the 75th Venice Film Festival Biennale College Cinema.

Emre Yeksan's second feature, HOUSE, premiered last night at the 75th Venice Film Festival, Biennale College Cinema section. Director Emre Yeksan, producer Anna Maria Aslanoğlu, actors Kutay Sandıkçı, Eray Algerialioğlu and İmren Şengel attended the screening. During the screening held at Sala Giardino, the audience's interest in YUVA was intense. YUVA, which tells the story of a man who chose to live a reclusive life in the forest, was shot in Igneada. One of the three projects financed by Biennale College - Cinema in the 2017-2018 period, YUVA is the first film from Turkey to receive the support of this program.

Director Emre Yeksan's 2017 first film, Körfez, which tells the story of a man who begins to discover a new world after the environmental disaster in the city, had its world premiere in Venice again last year; He did it at the 32nd Venice International Critics' Week. Yeksan won the Best Script Award at the 54th National Competition, the Special Jury Award from the 24th International Adana Film Festival, the FIPRESCI Award at the 37th Istanbul Film Festival, and the Special Jury Award at the Crossing Europe Film Festival with his debut film Körfez. He was worthy of.

What is Houdini?

Houdini is a 3D animation and special effects application developed by Side FX, a twenty-five-year-old Toronto-based company. Houdini is designed to create 3D animations and 3D effects in movies, TV, video games and virtual reality. Houdini is renowned for combining the worlds of film, TV, video games and virtual reality into one powerful platform.

The former flagship of Side Effects, PRISMS, a suite of 3D graphics tools, served as a foundation for Houdini's development.

Unlike other 3D animation software, Houdini uses a node-based procedural workflow that simplifies the job of making the updates you apply to the model while refining your work. Unlike programs such as Maya or Blender, it allows you to revert to a previous version in your work and update over the old version.

While Houdini is primarily used for dynamic environments and particle effects, it also includes a full set of tools for artists who want to use it in other areas such as modelling, animation or rendering.

Houdini | 3D Procedural Software for Film, TV & Gamedev | SideFX

What exactly does do?

Houdini is known for its advanced dynamic simulation tools that allow the creation of highly realistic visual effects. And it has an efficient workflow designed for small studios and individual artists.

New efficiency in software means cutting-edge effects can be achieved on less advanced hardware. What really sets Houdini apart from other 3D animation software is its computational nature.

Assets are usually created with a set of nodes algorithm. The advantage of this workflow is that it allows artists to create detailed objects in relatively short steps, unlike other programs.

Although Houdini is known for special effects, it includes all the tools that the best 3D modeling programs have to offer. Houdini also includes standard geometric models and animations.

The program comes with the powerful render engine Mantra, but it also supports 3rd party render engines like Renderman.

it has a node-based system that provides a flexible working environment for creating shaders and creating CG effects. It has a powerful system for creating smoke and fire simulations and a compiler for layered image effects.

Houdini offers scripting via various APIs, but Python is the language of choice for most packages. It allows the creation of custom tools and plugins, as well as built-in scripting and automation of specific tools.

Who uses?

Houdini is especially suitable for visual effects artists with a technical background. It provides all the editing tools expected in 3D software, but is known for its VFX tools and node-based procedural nature of its workflow.

Beginners note that features have a steep learning curve due to the procedural design. The key to success with Houdini is to have knowledge about mathematics and algorithms.

For this reason, Houdini is an easier program to learn for those with a background in programming and math, such as technical artists. For those who do not have experience in these matters, you can find many Houdini tutorials to improve themselves.

When you start using the program, if you are familiar with programs such as Autodesk Maya and 3DS Max, you will see that it is more flexible to use than these programs. And artists who can successfully learn the software will find that they produce many effects without the need for any traditional artistic interaction.

Teams will enjoy working with it because every part of the project can be easily modified at any point in the development process.

it offers a free version of the Houdini FX kit for students and hobby use to create personal and non-commercial projects.

While this version of Houdini lets you compose your work and save it to your computer, the only drawback is that it adds a watermark. You can download the Houdini Apprentice version for free here.

In which creative projects is used?

It's is a complete package for VFX studios working for games, movies and television. Its tools are powerful, reliable, customizable and designed for high-end production.

It means faster production and low budget power usage thanks to procedural workflow. For this reason, Disney is among the key users who use it in the films Frozen and Zootopia. Also, HBO's Game of Thrones uses it for some visual effects.

In the Video Game world, many video game studios also use Houdini. Games like Call of Duty and League of Legends are examples of this.

It is a useful tool for creating simulations of clouds, smoke or fire, as well as liquids and fabric. Although it can render any scene, the software is best known for its fluid-like effects and other simulations like it.

it is powerful when used to create complex simulations that use large amounts of data. Studios choose Houdini to create large special effects systems that integrate with complex scenes.

Studios often use software like Maya to handle modeling and hardware features and use it to integrate complex simulated effects.

Game designers, visual effects artists, and technical directors use Houdini daily to create state-of-the-art effects and enhance their work with simulated environments.

3D Animation, Digital Arti, NFT Artwork

Check out our Digital Art Portfolio from


3D Animation, Digital Arti, NFT Artwork

Check out our Digital Art Portfolio from

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