We enforced the ''bullet time'' shooting technique for our movie, we worked in close contact with BANLIYO Sound & Music Studios in sfx and soundtrack creations.

The cgi based visual world environment designing was prepared and created by Unreal Engine. We used c4d to configure our 3d characters poses and also we benefit from houdini to create formation of animation. We really had enjoyable moments in this multidisciplinary experience period.

" The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) has prepared a special film for the 106th Anniversary of the 18 March Çanakkale Victory. In the film shared by TOBB with the title "This epic is the work of the Mehmetçik. Mehmetçik is Turkey", a special emphasis is placed on the heroic stories of the Mehmetçiks. The film, whose editing and animation design was prepared by Gökhan Doğan Digital Arts AŞ for the anniversary of the 18 March Çanakkale Victory, brings to the screen a little-known information about the Çanakkale Victory. The sound and music design of the film was prepared by the Banliyo company. "

TOBB OFC WEBSITE - https://www.tobb.org.tr/Sayfalar/Detay.php?rid=26378&lst=MansetListesi

Credits ;

Client : TOBB - Türkiye Odalar ve Borsalar Birliği - https://www.tobb.org.tr Art Direction : Gökhan Doğan Director of Photography : Yakar Anıl Canbolat Content Devolopment : Ali Ata Kavame - Gökhan Doğan Digital Artists : Gökhan Doğan - Kerem Can Akgün - İrfan Parasayan Character Design : Begüm Olgun Character Animation : İbrahim Babacan Soundtrack & SFX : Banliyo Sound Artists : Okan Coşkun