Gökhan Doğan x BMW - Harmony of Feelings // AV Kinetic Data Sculpture

Our emotions are harmony of secreted hormones. While dancing, doing sports, listening to your favorite song or driving, the harmony of hormones in our brains reveals the complex and beautiful one. Dopamine and Serotonin visualized in white and purple tones are elements of happiness for the driver. The hormone noradrenaline shewed with the deep red raises our level of excitement. When this situation gains speed, Adrenalin goes all the way up with lighter red. We feel the most beautiful feeling with Endorphine in canescent pink tones, this hormone is the peak of our emotions. “Harmony of Emotions”; is a Kinetic Data Sculpture that visualizes our most active hormones while we feel emotions; Dopamine, Serotonine, Adrenaline and Endorphine by combining their density ratios and their characteristic textures.

A journey full of joy and happiness is waiting for you with the new BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe. -- @bmwturkiye

Digital Artist : Gökhan Doğan / @badqode
Music and Sound Artist : Fatih Sevimlikurt / @fatihsevimlikurt
Concept Writer : Ali Ata Kavame / @atakavame
Storyboard Artist : Görkem Tükenmez / @striges_