Gökhan Doğan x MUSIAD - Vizyoner 19 // Audio Visual Mapping Performance

At the Visionary Summit organized by MÜSİAD, the theme of "Digital Future" was handled. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the participation took place in Haliç Congress Center on November 27, 2019 summit was organized with a panel series titled "National Technology Initiative and the Digital Turkey", "Digital Commerce Economics", "Global Turkey's National Manufacturing Industry and the Market", "The Future of the Digital Economy and Money”,“The Future of Cities and Our Resources ”and also“ Our Digital Future Values ”.

The panel held with the aim to shed light on studies carried out in Turkey for the development of the global, development of technology of our century has passed with a detailed presentation on the impact on both economic and human areas.

At the summit, an opening was made with “Audio visual mapping performance” to represent the main titles of this panel series.

Credits - Direction & Animation : Gökhan Doğan Digital Arts Concept Development : Gökhan Doğan, Barış Serdar Documentation : Ege Adıyaman, Mustafa Batuhan Saraçoğlu Agency : BANZ Studio Client : MUSIAD Sound : Opus Jingle

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