The New Range Rover Launch, hosting the 'Reimagine Digital Artwork' Immersive Art Exhibition, has been selected as the best Range Rover launch worldwide!

Reimagine is the Audiovisual and Interactive Digital Art series, hosted in Istanbul by Range Rover during the New Land Rover Launch Period. It is voted as the best “Best Launch“ of all the Range Rover Launches and this award winning experience consists of a tryptic digital artwork experience and a story.

Immersive Exhibition Experience with Tryptic Digital Art,

The entire route, followed from the first moment of the experience to the last, is designed as a unique and fluid journey. From the first moment the audience enters the field of experience, Toprak Sergen's voice accompanies the story of the work and guides the audience. The Tryptic Digital Art Work experience begins with a theatrical animation performance in the first part of the work, and the second part continues with an interdisciplinary display, where the digital art work comes together with the performing arts. The final experience section ends with a digital artwork that completely breaks the perception of space and ways of seeing. We have designed the experience route in a flow from classical art disciplines to Digital art disciplines. Three Works an done experience,

The 'Reimagine' Digital Art Work Experience Immersive Exhibition includes many digital art production methods within itself. We worked hard to design the work experiences as three parts of a single story plot. We separated the story setup and the tryptic composition with the three prominent features of the New Land Rover; “Comfort, aesthetics, performance.”

The works are nourished by the dreams and orientations of the audience as an individual on their journey with their basic motives and existential quest. The lyrical narrative and theatrical performance that welcomes us in the first work are designed in a continuous and directing form with the performance choreography of the second work. Continuity was tried to be ensured with the beginning and end poses of the performance that directed the audience towards the direction of progress.

For the final piece of the choreography, the audience is allowed to immerse themselves in the work and experience and move against the incoming flow through the tunnel and the new visual reality.


We have explained the primitive senses and curiosity, through the individual's learning, the curiosity for everything they have behind walls and holding on to self-discovery in a caged metropolitan life with a theatrical element.

“ One changes… one thrives. One is curious to see whats’s behind… One wants to encounter By learning, comprehending life and exploring the inner self, deep inside. On the path, one seeks for a better, for her or him and for all around. What makes this life so livible is indeed tomorrow’s ensuing uncertainty and charm. "


For us, our dreams and choices determine our identity. We wanted to reflect this chaotic cycle, chaos and aesthetics in our social structure. In the midst of all this chaotic aesthetics, it was inevitable to bring the audience eye to eye with the performance artist who guided them, and to associate this orientation with the individual himself. From then on, the audience was making the brush strokes of the work themselves, and our dreams and lives were turning into works.

" You are an artist…
And life is your canvas.
Your choices, form your dreams.
Your dreams form who you are… "

It is very important to be able to experience an artwork that will be shaped according to the movements and axis of the performance artist, and to establish the link between the visuals and the performance artist. The most difficult part of the overall Choreography was that we had to imagine not just the performer, but the work as the whole.

We imagined the Digital artwork created by the performance artist and choreographer and then sketched it. A long time passed by revising the choreography and the piece step by step.
Sound and Music design was built on the pianist and his performance, who determined the flow as the main instrument in the performance process. Editing a digital audio output on top of a live performance and timing the SFXs was one of the challenges on the audio and music side.
Rehearsing the performance for days allowed us to overcome this challenge.

Our biggest advantage for simulations that need to manipulate images was our Motion Capture studio. We integrated HTC Vive, Rococo Suite and our studio for an accuracy of nearly 100% in an area of 36 square meters.
The cleaned data was used as a source for vector and field in Houdini and Cinema 4D.
At the end of the performance, the audience continues their experience with the body language of the artist and the direction of the sound source position in the whole area.


Our productions and experiences make us feel that we exist. This quest, which is an existential orientation, asks us to explore power and performance as well as aesthetics. We guided the audience to the reality of the work with the infinite tunnel experience. Representing the existence in the tunnel, the light that meets the viewer begins to grow and change forms with the movement of the viewer along the tunnel. The visuals, which we start with the human and its search with organic forms, support the power and performance felt during his journey with mechanical forms.
We regarded a change of form as a basis for sound and music design. We used mechanical and industrial sound samples from the vehicle's driving process to complete these designs.

" While one seeks for aesthetics and an impeccable harmony,
On the other hand wants to feel power and performance!
This quest that is in the human nature…
Is always searching for the better and for the newer. "

NFT Exhibition : Range Rover,

Inspired by the sophisticated spirit and lines of Range Rover, we explained this fundamental pursuit of existence in the 'Reimagine' Immersive Exhibition Digital Artworks experience. At the end of the experience with the perception of space, Range Rover accompanies the viewer in the tunnel with the Work and directs them to the Reveal area.
We identified the audiences with Google Tensor Flow, and used the coordinate data as the source for the Generative Work.

Now, all your sophisticated pleasures are all in one …
The new Range Rover is here!
Now, all your sophisticated pleasures are all in one …
The new Range Rover is here!

" Now, all your sophisticated pleasures are all in one …
The new Range Rover is here! "

Sound and Music Design, Editing,

Although Music Experiences has 3 different musical designs that are independent of each other, the auditory design of the entire experience is designed as a singular piece of work. In sound and music design, which Banliyo Sound and Music Studios advances in contact with visual production, each piece is designed with cyclical but fluid transitions in order to be prepared for the length of performances or experiences.

As the works that started in a immersive exhibition theatrical flow were digitilized and the text got matured, the instrument and infrastructure changes were made frequently. The sound materials used, were designed with SFX designs to strengthen the story and experience.


Event Organization and Design: TATU Creative Studios, Duygu Kavame, Kaan Akgün
Digital Art Editing and Design : GDDART
Dijital Artist & Art Director : Gökhan Doğan
Sound & Music Design : BANLIYO Ses ve Müzik Stüdyoları
Concept Design and Copywriter : Ali Ata Kavame
Artificial Intelligence Technologic Infrastructure: Otomatto , Göktuğ Vatandaş
Digital Art Cinematography : Yakar Anıl Canbolat
Digital Art Copywriter & Art Director: Buse Ferruhpur, Yana Dornea
Digital Artists: Gökhan Doğan , Mert Ercin
Character Animation & Mocap Operator: İbrahim Babacan , Anılkan Çolakoğlu
Character Design : Dilara Kaya
Sound & Music Artist : Okan Coşkun
Voiceover : Toprak Sergen
Storyboard ve Moodboard Artists : Görkem Tükenmez - Deniz Karakoyunlu
Graphic Design & Presentation : Deniz Karakoyunlu Performance Artist 1 : Hande Cömertler
Performance Artist 2 : Serap Avcı
Pianist : Ozan Kaşlı
Photo & Video Artist : Murat Emin Kaplan