Hello Everyone 🖐🏿

The past year has been so busy for all of us that we have produced an average of over twenty minutes of storytelling each month, from script to storyboard Contentini, from Character design to animation, from Environment design to animation mechanics, all parts of which we produce in-house cinematic animated films and digital artworks. On the other hand, we tried to share these with young digital artists from Qode Academy, to gain experience in our team 🙏

In December, we are a panelist at @distopyaff with all our knowledge on this process of GDDART, how it combines current technology with this production and all our knowledge on Digital Film Production. 🙏

We look forward to meeting you as a team. Don't miss out 🙏☺️


Artificial Intelligence and New Technological Developments

The Science and Technology Department program, which will include presentations on artificial intelligence and new technological developments, was announced as part of the International Dystopia Film Festival, which will be held for the first time in Turkey on December 10-12, with the festival director Hatice Aşkın and the artistic director Gülşah Elikbank being announced.

Moderated by Digital Renaissance A.Ş. founding president, Lect. In the series of panels made by its member Filiz Dağ: Founder of AKINSOFT and AKINROBOTICS, Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Free Akin;
Doing research on stem cells and cancer at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Dr. Semir White;
Locomation.ai Company co-founder and CTO Dr. Tekin Meriçli;
BlockchainIST Center founding director Dr. Bora Erdamar;
Astrophysicist, Scholar, Popular Science Writer, founder of Future Space.
Dr. Selçuk Topal;
Digital Artist Gökhan Doğan, co-founder of GDDART, Qodeakademi, Suburban Sound and Music Studio;
Burak Çankaya, co-founder of Future Science and Senior Electrical-Electronics engineer.