Social Aid Campaign NFT Collection
The Deered Night is Minted with First NFT Series Editions!

The Deered Night NFT Collection is Minted with First NFT Series Editions!

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We tried to be a voice for the cry of this disaster with our music and visuals of Marmaris forest fires interpreted with Artificial Intelligence systems

We will donate the proceeds from the collection for the treatment of the lives damaged in this disaster and for afforestation works.

The Deered Night Social Aid Campaign NFT Collection
The Deered Night

Night with Deer collection, which consists of 50 works in total, is on NFTPime with its new editions every Thursday.

NFT Collection and process details Geyikli Gece - Deeder Night - BADQODE You can follow the link.

The Deered Night NFT Collection : There are rare moments that are a common pain in the whole world and can give the same feeling to all of humanity.

The disaster of forest fires, which started on the night of July 28 and spread to many provinces of Turkey, is one of these scenes in our lifetime.

The 28th of July and onwards remained a pang with the cry of the forested areas, nature, the world that hosts us, and the most innocent animals in the collective identity of humanity, which has struggled with the COVID-19 epidemic and its effects in the past years. These are the few issues that humanity is perhaps most sensitive to, because mother nature with all its splendor and devotion, earth and animals with their untouched innocence.

We also witnessed the process closely in the days when the forest fires started last year. Nature, the basis of our home and existence, was suffering and disappearing in front of us in despair and suffering, due to natural or man-made reasons.

There was an image of this pain. You, like us, looked into the eyes of mother nature, you wanted to do something.

This pain had a voice.

We know that while you are still watching the footage of that disaster, you listen to the screams of animals that penetrate us and the sounds of trees igniting, like us, with your heart torn.

In this process, the unity and common reflex provided by the society perhaps contained the answers to the values ​​that people have tried to protect since their existence and the questions they posed to their selves.

We witnessed hundreds of unnamed heroes who were trying to put out the fire day and night without sleeping and to transport the animals to safe areas. The heroes who do not abandon their animals in the most crucial areas of the fire and risk to die with them, real heroes who travel hundreds of kilometers from their homeland and try to save our world…

This fire ended with indelible memories from our consciousness and our wounds had to be healed. We wanted to help heal these wounds as a family, as individuals and above all as artists. Because human beings could feel their existence with what they produced and could accumulate beautiful memories as long as they existed.

Sometimes we need to give back the sacrifice that mother nature has generously offered to us, with the same sacrifice and devotion. While thinking about how we can be useful with this feeling, we decided to combine the magnificence of nature and the story of this disaster in a collection with two different art disciplines. We decided to turn this collection into an income method and with the profit to be made, we decided to carry out studies for the restructuring of the forest areas and the treatment of the injured lives and their return to their homes.

Digital Artist : Gökhan Doğan & Musician : Özge Doğan - The Deered Night
Digital Artist : Gökhan Doğan & Musician : Özge Doğan


I am Gökhan Doğan, a digital Artist. For more than 10 years, I took part in many international festivals and projects and had exhibitions. I am the co-founder of GDDART Digital Art Studios and Suburban Sound and Music Studio. I still continue my work and experience production based in Istanbul, Kadıköy.

My wife Özge Doğan is a musician. In addition to continuing to perform actively, she also teaches music. In addition to the production of compositions, arrangements and works, we also produce experiential contemporary art and digital art performances together.

The name Geyikli Gece comes from the magnificent lines of Turgut Uyar, one of my bedside poems. Years ago, I interpreted this poem visually with an alternative reality view evoked by these lines. On days when we wanted other realities to be possible, I wanted to position the deer figure as the protagonist of this nft collection.