Turkey's First Solo NFT & Digital Art Exhibition Experience

Badqode Solo Exhibition, which we set out with the concept of Alternative Reality Experience in a Digital Art Exhibition, met with its audience at @phonix.klein  Klein Phonix, at the Summerdaze event on June 03-04.


means an incompatible code group that breaks or disrupts the code block it is in as a root word. Chaos & Starting from its aesthetic relationship, Entropy laws and the Mirror Phase of the Person, Badqode Solo Exhibition is an experience of a selection of works that are aware of the fact that human beings are mistaken by their existence, and that examines the layers and deformations that they weave in their social structure with this awareness.

In the experience of Badqode Solo Exhibition, by supporting over 100 unique works and texts with interactive experiences, we invite those who experience the space and time to our own layer of reality.

Digital Art Exhibition : Music & NFT

The Artworks of the Exhibition Accompanied world-famous DJs with the Audio Reactive Stage Experience. We would like to thank all our viewers who made this night unforgettable with us.

You can follow past exhibitions, Works and new Badqode Solo Exhibition experiences on BADQODE SOLO EXHIBITION : KLEIN PHONIX - BADQODE

Digital Art Exhibition : Music & NFT
Digital Art Exhibition : Music & NFT


Have you noticed anything unusual during the day after waking up today?

You didn't even guess because you didn't know what to notice. You have already taken part as an image in a catharsis that is prepared for you in a reality that you are not aware of. However, by experiencing a physical space where you are located, you will think that you will realize it in a space and moment that you think is real. The concept called "real" is only a result of chaos in the space-time system where time does not operate on a planar basis.

Have you noticed anything unusual during the day after waking up today? - Badqode Solo Exhibition Digital Art Exhibition
Have you noticed anything unusual during the day after waking up today?

Chaos; The starting point of time,

The word chaos is the equivalent of the word order in parallel with the known meaning of disorder. Every disorder has its own order. The reason for the existence of the universe, the world and us is chaos itself. Human and everything that comes out of human hands seeks a perfection that cannot be real or just imitates it by guessing the ideal perfection.